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February 2015

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Chappie: Clip & Featurette

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I couldn’t be more excited about this movie! ‘District 9′ blew me away, and ‘Elysium’ (for all it’s flaws) was also a pretty damn good movie. So I’ve got some high hopes for Neill Blompkamp’s new flick ‘Chappie’. At first I was a little taken aback when I heard Die Antwoord was going to be in it, but they just might work out. ‘Chappie’ opens March 6th.

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Fail: Worst Shot Ever?

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This is one of the most glorious shots I’ve ever seen. This is what happens when power, finesse, and skill all come together to form a perfect unity of basketball greatness. The basketball Gods are smiling today my friends.

…actually Alex Shved was trying to get the foul called and threw up a hook shot that JUST missed (by about 30 feet).

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Trailer: RAIDERS!

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So this looks awesome. I’ll let the youtube description tell you about it…

“In 1982, three 11-year-olds in Mississippi decided to remake Raiders of the Lost Ark. It took them 7 turbulent years that tested their resolve, strained their friendships, and nearly burned down their parents house. They completed every scene except one… the airplane scene. 33 years later, the friends reunite to finally finish the childhood dream. But is it easier to film a whole movie as kids… or one scene as adults?”

Am I going to watch this documentary…you bet your ass I am. As someone who, as a kid, used to make movies with his friends this is going to hit the nostalgia button hard.