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March 2015

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TRAILER: Mad Max Fury Road

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This is the “Official Main Trailer” for the new Mad Max movie staring Tom Hardy and Oscar winner Charlize Theron. I’ve seen about 50 teaser trailers for this movie and this one doesn’t really say anything new. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but you better believe I’m going to see this shit the day it opens!

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Cringeworthy Safety Video

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So Condor Ferries made one of those instructional saftey videos…and holly hell is it bad. It’s set to Rapper’s Delight and it’s more cringeworthy than my high school social life. Let’s let the youtube comments react to this:

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Ray’s last jump

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These Canadians know how to have a good time. Ray you’re a legend bud. “Goosin’ it” is probably going to be my new favorite saying. If you don’t have the patience skip to 5:30 but you’ll be missing out on some funny shit along the way.

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H1Z1-Don’t let Cody drive, ever.

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Ok, so this one needs a bit of context. A few buddies and I were playing H1Z1 last night together(If you’re unfamiliar with this game it’s pretty much like The Walking Dead in virtual form). For this particular mode of gameplay(Battle Royale) there are no zombies. They take 170 people from all over the world and parachute them onto a map and your only objective is to find resources and be the last man standing. If that wasn’t already hard enough, as time goes on they release poisonous gas making the playable area of the map smaller and smaller forcing people to migrate near each other and fight it out. This game in particular we had some good luck and found a car and loaded up 4 of us inside of it. At this point we had managed to make it to the top 20. Cody being the smart ass he is was messing around and acting like the car wasn’t working with the poison gas creeping up on us and, well, I’ll let you see what happened next…

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I think it goes without saying we stripped Cody of his driving privileges after that debacle.

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Will Ferrell On Conan…With A Bird

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Will Ferrell was on Conan last night to do some last minute promotion for ‘Get Hard’ (which currently has a 32% rating on rotten tomatoes) while wearing a bird on his shoulders. It’s all around pretty damn funny.
“There’s no reason to bring Professor Feathers into any sort of conversation”