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April 2015

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Bulls Mascot Wears GoPro

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The Chicago Bulls mascot “Benny” has been carrying around a GoPro to show us what it’s like to be a mascot for a professional basketball team. That’s never been something I’ve ever wondered honestly, but it actually looks like a good time.

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Hiker Accidentally Films Volcano Explosion

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Talk about being in the right place at the right time (or the wrong place if you don’t think being in a volcano’s vicinity as it erupts is good). The best part is him saying, “The volcano over there…” and then it erupts! According to his youtube description he stopped filming so suddenly because he only had %15 battery left on his phone and wanted to save some of that to call in being rescued if he needed it. Fare enough I guess.

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Camaro Causes Huge Car Wreck

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Skip to 2:15 for the wreck

This is fucking horrifying. The Camaro tries to merge like an asshole into the pickup truck which the pickup truck doesn’t like and subsequently boxes the Camaro in (I’d probably do the same thing, I’m kind of a dick like that). The Camaro continues to tailgate him and then tries to pass on the shoulder which ruins the day of everyone involved.

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Cheerleader Breaks Her Leg…Badly!

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This poor cheerleader was doing some flippity cheerleader things when she came down horribly wrong on her leg. It ends up being bent at a right angle. But the most fucked up part is that she tries to get up and walk away! So the next time someone tries to tell you that competitive cheerleading is not a sport then tell them…yea it totally isn’t…but this leg injury was disgusting.

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Louie C.K. on drugs and anxiety

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“Drugs are so fucking good…that they’ll ruin your life.”

Louie C.K. is one of my favorite human beings on the planet. When I listen to him tell jokes I feel like he is writing them for me. Not only is he a brilliant stand-up comedian he’s a writer, director, editor, etc. He worked for years and years to get to where he’s at and only now is becoming a household name. The fact that this man takes a significant pay cut to his salary just so he can have final cut on his TV show “Louie” makes me respect him even more than I already do. If you haven’t watched Louie go on Netflix and binge watch that shit till your eyes bleed. Hell, go back and watch his show “Lucky Louie” that he created on HBO that aired in the mid 2000’s. It’s all gold and this man deserves all of the credit he gets and then some. Cheers Louie.

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TRAILER: Area 51

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This comes from Oren Peli, director of Paranormal Activity. Apparently he made this one directly after Paranormal Activity but it hasn’t been released yet. Not really a good sign, but the trailer looks promising.