Shots Fired! Superfan Calls Jack Nicholson A Fair Weather Fan

You’ve probably seen this guy sitting court side of many basketball games and thought to yourself, “Why is the old creepy dude from Poltergeist 2 at the game?”
Surprising that’s not the creepy old dude from Poltergeist but superfan Jimmy Goldstein, and he just called out everyone’s favorite Lakers fan Jack Nicholson for only going to two Lakers games this season. Granted the Lakers went 21 and 61 in the 2014/15 season, but you gotta support your team right? Another big scoop by TMZ!…and by big scoop I mean who the hell cares.

Rangers Fan Gives Douchebag Interview

I can’t tell if I want to give this give a high five or smack him in the face…no wait yea I do, I want to smack him in the face. Like is this dude for real? “Four thousand five hundred dollars, hundreds only! Benjamin Franklin is killin the gaaaame!”
Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 9.36.49 AM
Too bad your Rangers lost 2-0 to the Lighting who are going on to play in the Stanley Cup to face either the Ducks or the Blackhawks. “Tampa Bay Lighting is killin the gaaaame”

TRAILER: Ash VS Evil Dead

Nerd-boner alert! Ash and his chainsaw are back in this new trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead! Ok maybe it’s just some close up shots of blood dripping from a chainsaw and some random standing in for Bruce Campbell as we don’t actually see ash’s face. But it’s something! The show premiers this fall on the STARZ channel. Groovy.

Watch This Commercial And Get Psyched For The Stanley Cup

The two game 7s in the the conference finals are being played tonight (Rangers/Lightning) and Saturday night (Ducks/Blackhawks). So soon we’ll know who’s left standing to play for the Stanley Cup. I always thought playoff hockey was vastly underrated, the stress of watching these games when your team is playing is insane.

Katy Perry Told Us To Watch This Music Video

Katy Perry recently tweeted out to watch this music video from Bonnie McKee called “Bombastic”. I followed her advice and I’m a better man for it. Well maybe not a better man, but I did get to watch this hot girl dance all sexy dressed like she was in an 80s workout video.

TRAILER: American Ultra

What if Jason Bourne was a stoner that worked at 7-11, was engaged to Kristen Stewart, and had a buddy that wants to drop acid at a strip club at 8:15 in the morning? If that was a question you sometimes asked yourself, now you have an answer. This looks damn awesome actually. The cast is sick: Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, John Leguizamo, and Topher Grace. I’m going to watch this so hard.

Cheese Explosion At Baseball Game

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a foul ball landed in a plate of cheesy nachos? Well now you have your answer. I tuned into the Red Sox/Rangers game last night and saw this happen, and the best part is they kept cutting back to her for a while so the world could watch her try to get cheese out of her hair. Keep your head up when you’re at a baseball game.