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August 2015

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10 Year Old Girl Stumps NFL Stars

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This little girl asked some NFL players (Andrew Luck, Antonio Brown, Clay Matthews, DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant, Kam Chancellor, Odell Beckham Jr, Patrick Peterson) some pretty simple questions which is cute and all. Then she busts out the big guns and drops some serious questions on them which totally stumps them.

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Dude Catches 8.5 Foot Catfish

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Skip to the 3:40 to watch the catch.

I rarely go into the ocean, there’s just too much s**t in there trying to kill you. Now I can’t even go into fresh water because there’s 8.5 foot long catfish in there just wanting to eat people alive! OK, so maybe they’re not dangerous at all to people but that’s still a frighteningly large catfish.