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October 2015

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It’s A Tuna, Bro!!

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I’m a little late in posting this video but I just saw it and I’m so happy this is in my life. This Boston dude’s mind is blown by this sunfish (or as he calls it a baby whale, a Turtle, a flounder, etc). Someone bring this guy to an aquarium and see his head explode. Of course there’s a Jaws mashup:

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This Bear Should Have Mauled This Woman

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I respect human life and all but this woman should have been mauled by this bear. You’re in the wilderness you idiot. There’s going to be bears there. Don’t f**king pepper spray into the air, just accept you’re on their turf, go inside, cut your losses. F**king your stupid kayak.

…yes I’m hungover this morning, I might be a little salty but I have no time for these morons.

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This Freshman Can Jump Higher Than You

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Remember that one brief moment in time when you were athletic? It usually happened around late high school before college partying made you all fat and squishy. I was actually able to dunk at one point (I know, it’s almost not believable) but I was never able to jump and touch the top of the f**king backboard like Texas freshman Kerwin Roach.