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Drunk NJ State Strooper Causes Accident

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From the LiveLeak description:

“A veteran state trooper whose duties included providing security at the Statehouse in Trenton faces drunken driving charges after officials said he crashed his marked police cruiser Monday afternoon in a Garden State Parkway rest area.”

Here’s a tip, if you’re drunk driving and cause a minor accident, when you get out of the car the first thing you shouldn’t say is “I’m not drunk.” Actually just don’t drink and drive, problem solved.

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Tom Hardy Is Intimidating

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Tom Hardy is one of the best, and most popular, actors in the game right now. Here’s an awesome supercut showing just how badass he is. I’m mostly posting this because Bronson is one of the best movies ever and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.


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TRAILER: Zoolander 2

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Here’s the first real trailer for Zoolander 2 and it looks, well, it looks like it’s definitely a thing that’s happening. I actually really liked the first one so I’m hoping this one is at least half as good (but that might be just wishful thinking). It stars Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson (duh), Penélope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, and Will Ferrell and also tons and tons of cameos.

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Oldboy – Resurrecting the Greek Tragedy

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If you haven’t seen the classic movie Oldboy (what the hell is wrong with you!?) then don’t watch this video because of massive spoilers. If you have seen the movie then we can be friends, and you can also watch this great analysis of why Oldboy is a Greek Tragedy. It’s a little long (15 minutes) but it’s well worth your time.