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Crazy Woman Screaming At Fisherman

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“They will put every German from Germany in prison!” Ummmmmmm, what? This fisherman caught a stingray and was dragging it up the beach when this crazy woman decides that he’s German (he’s totally not German) and that fishing is illegal (it’s not if you have a license) and he will go to jail (nope).

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Fat Dude Not Giving a Fuck

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I think I have found my new personal hero. This dude has zero fucks to give as he lights up a step class with some epic moves. This fearless legend has no insecurities to speak of, he doesn’t even know the meaning of insecurity. All hail speedo dancer man.

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Woman Gets Attacked By Cat

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This is why you don’t kick snow at a cat. Notice how the dog’s tail suddenly stops wagging when the cat went airborn into the woman’s mug. Unfortunately “Buddy” the cat had to be put down to test for rabbies (which came back negative). Read the full story here.

Did this remind anyone else of the Monty Python (skip to 1:35 for what the cat was trying to reenact):

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Mokiki Does the Sloppy Swish

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Other than their 40th anniversary show, which was great, SNL has been all sorts of bad these last few months. With all of their stars leaving for bigger and better(not always) projects it’s been especially rough to witness the younger cast members tank on a weekly basis . Take a look at one of the funnier moments in recent SNL history…

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KUNG FURY Official Trailer

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So apparently this video was uploaded 1 year ago and has over 8 million views…so how the hell have I not seen it before!! It has everything you could ask for: a skateboard gang, a power glove, a weird viking woman with a machine gun, a giant shirtless viking dude, and of course kung fu fighting Hitler…

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Late Night Classic: Norm Macdonald Trashes Carrot Top

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Today is Carrot Top’s 50th birthday. And why even bring that up you might be asking yourself? Because it gives me an excuse to post this video of Norm Macdonald trashing him on Conan in 1997. Courtney Thorne-Smith was there to promote a movie she has made with Carrot Top called Chairman of the Board, and Norm couldn’t help himself from completely shitting all over Carrot Top and the movie in front of her. One of the funniest late night interviews ever.

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Conan & Billy Eichner Join Grindr

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So last night Conan tried his hand at Grindr with help from Billy Eichner. Grindr is apparently an app that helps gay dudes hook up. All in all it was a pretty funny bit right up until they actually went to meet the dude, who seriously did not want to be there. It didn’t live up to the previous installment where Conan used Tinder with Dave Franco.

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Official Birdman Action Figure!….well not really

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By now you know that Birdman took home best picture at the Oscars, an award well deserved in my humble opinion. Today Fox Searchlight put out an awesome fake commercial for a Birdman action figure (something I would totally would buy if they actually released it).

If you remember Fox Searchlight previously released a trailer for “Birdman Returns”.

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Jon Stewart puts Rudy Giuliani on Blast

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I still haven’t come to grips with the fact that Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show. What am I going to do with my life after he leaves? Watch actual news? No freaking way! It’s comforting knowing that he’s out there being just as pissed off as I am about the world of politics. Last night was classic Stewart as he put former N.Y. City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on proper blast.