Playboy Bunnies Watch Some Fail Army Videos

You love Fail Army and you love Playboy Bunnies, so it’s only natural that they come together for this video of Playboy Bunnies (Dani Mathers, Val Keil, Irina Voronina and Raquel Pomplun) watching Fail Army videos. I’m not sure why but it doesn’t really matter, you’re going to watch it anyway.

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Things Get Weird When Amy Schumer Gets On Stage At A Madonna Concert

It starts with Amy Schumer bending over in her skirt and getting kicked and dry-humped by Madonna, and it goes from there. I’m not sure what the point of this was but it doesn’t really matter. Mr. Schumer posted this to Instagram a few hours ago:

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

I guess Amy had already warned us:


PRANK: Dudes Use Selfie Stick To Take Upskirt Photos To Get Reactions

What would you do if you saw some guys taking upskirt shots of an innocent girl and then bragging about it? Well just about every one of these people didn’t do s**t. These are the same pranksters that gave us the “skirt caught in her panties” prank.

Sofia Vergara Talks About Her “Married With Children” Photoshoot

Sofia Vergara was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and talked about dressing up as Peggy Bundy from Married with Children for a photoshoot with her Modern Family TV husband Ed O’Neill. Of course Ed O’Neill’s most famous role was Al Bundy (once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game for Polk High). Vergara talked about how she used to watch Married with Children in Columbia which dubbed Al Bundy’s voice in a “very sexy” Antonio Banderas type spanish voice.


Bikini Clad Woman Smashes Her Face On The Ground Trying To Do The Splits

Skip to the 1:00 minute mark of the video (or not if you want to see more low resolution bikini “dancing”) to see this girl try and do some flying jump maneuver which ends up with her getting a face full of floor. Love the announcer casually stating “get some ice packs.”

Hot Chick Gets Shot In The Butt With Strawberries In Slow Motion Because Why Not

I know that Monday mornings suck hard, so let’s make it a little less sucky by watching this hot chick get shot in the but with strawberries in slow motion for absolutely no reason.

Screen shot 2015-08-02 at 6.05.14 PM

Previously hot girls getting shot with hot dogs in slow motion.