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50 Cent Reads YouTube Comments On His Video “Candy Shop”

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Noisy asked 50 Cent to read some of the YouTube comments on his video for Candy Shop. We all know YouTube comments are the worst things in the world that usually turn racist and mean in the blink of an eye. 50 Cent can be pretty funny though and his reactions to these comments are pretty funny. Here’s a quick list of things I learned from this vide:

1. 50 Cent likes watching porn.
2. 50 Cent thinks interracial couples are cool…because of porn.
3. He doesn’t know what CGI is.
4. 50 Cent is hilarious.

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Justin Bieber Acted Like A Total Diva When He Was Caught With His Mic Was On After A Today Show Performance

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After a performance on the Today Show Justin Bieber got caught with the mic on complaining about, I think, the camera being too close?

“What do I do this for if their just…(unintelligible)”

Ummm, because it’s your job you little s**thead. You’re getting paid to sing because you’re a singer so stop acting like a f**king twat.