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Little Indians Fan Makes Awesome Foul Ball Catch, Talks Mad Trash

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This kid made out like a bandit last night. First he makes a nice foul ball catch with this hat and then starts talking mad shit to Miguel Cabrera who can’t do anything but laugh. Then the kid gets a bat and some batting gloves! That’s one epic day at the game. My guess is next time the kid goes to a game he’ll be wearing some Detroit gear.

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Cheese Explosion At Baseball Game

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if a foul ball landed in a plate of cheesy nachos? Well now you have your answer. I tuned into the Red Sox/Rangers game last night and saw this happen, and the best part is they kept cutting back to her for a while so the world could watch her try to get cheese out of her hair. Keep your head up when you’re at a baseball game.

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Super Drunk Field Rusher

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Drunk guy at Royals Game from ethan walworth on Vimeo.

At first I was thinking that this field rusher knows what he’s doing. He’s giving his friend his keys, phone, glasses, etc. You don’t want to break those things when you’re tackled by security. Smart move. But then just as he starts his glorious run…he just stops! What the hell dude!? You’re supposed to maneuver and dodge those pesky security guards. oh well, at least he got his 15 minutes. I just wish it ended with a body slam.