This Guy’s “Wave” At A Baseball Game Is The Stuff Of Legends

What do you think when you see a wave coming at you when you’re at a sporting event? Do you think, “Oh cool, I get to be a part of something big”, or “Nah, I’m going to sit this one out”, or are you like this guy who thought, “F**k this s**t! F**k your wave and everything it represents!”

Compilation Of Baseball Fans Getting Tackled By Security

This compilation from Digg of baseball fans running onto the field only to get tackled by security is hilarious. I’m never sure who to root for in these situations. Do I root for the idiot who’s delaying the game but also creating so much joy for the crowd? Or do I root for the security? Either way I’ll root for this video.

Awesome Manager Meltdowns Supercut

Watching baseball managers freak the f**k out during games is american as apple pie. My favorite freak out ever has to be the dude who pretends to be in the trenches and throws a “grenade” at the ump (at the 1:50 mark), such a classic!

Rookie Gets Congratulations From Imaginary Teammates

There’s a long tradition in baseball where if a rookie hits his first home run his teammates don’t shower him with congratulations and high fives but instead give him the silent treatment. It’s a fun little tradition. But it’s even more fun when someone like Rays rooke Richie Shaffer decides to congratulate himself on his rookie home run.

Did That Umpire Really Just Do That?

Yup, he just dropped a “Dougie” dance on a strike 3 call. Kind of an asshole move if you ask me. If I were up at bat I swing that thing back into his stupid dancing umpire face.

Little Indians Fan Makes Awesome Foul Ball Catch, Talks Mad Trash

This kid made out like a bandit last night. First he makes a nice foul ball catch with this hat and then starts talking mad shit to Miguel Cabrera who can’t do anything but laugh. Then the kid gets a bat and some batting gloves! That’s one epic day at the game. My guess is next time the kid goes to a game he’ll be wearing some Detroit gear.

Cheese Explosion At Baseball Game

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a foul ball landed in a plate of cheesy nachos? Well now you have your answer. I tuned into the Red Sox/Rangers game last night and saw this happen, and the best part is they kept cutting back to her for a while so the world could watch her try to get cheese out of her hair. Keep your head up when you’re at a baseball game.

Field Rusher Summersaults Home Plate

Previously I posted a video of a guy rushing the field and then immediately giving up like a lame-ass. Well this guy saw his opportunity and sized the shit out of it! Now that’s how you rush a field! Dodge some security then summersault home plate! Well done, sir. You saw your 15 minutes and made the most of it.

Super Drunk Field Rusher

Drunk guy at Royals Game from ethan walworth on Vimeo.

At first I was thinking that this field rusher knows what he’s doing. He’s giving his friend his keys, phone, glasses, etc. You don’t want to break those things when you’re tackled by security. Smart move. But then just as he starts his glorious run…he just stops! What the hell dude!? You’re supposed to maneuver and dodge those pesky security guards. oh well, at least he got his 15 minutes. I just wish it ended with a body slam.