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This Freshman Can Jump Higher Than You

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Remember that one brief moment in time when you were athletic? It usually happened around late high school before college partying made you all fat and squishy. I was actually able to dunk at one point (I know, it’s almost not believable) but I was never able to jump and touch the top of the f**king backboard like Texas freshman Kerwin Roach.

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Stephen Colbert Took On Stephen Curry Last Night

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Last night Colbert took on Curry in a Stephen VS Stephen shootout (with dirty laundry) to find out who should be the number 1 search result on google. This whole “Stephen VS Stephen” title reminded me of the classic “Even Stephen” segment on The Daily Show so for no reason at all here’s that because it was some of the best TV ever:

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This 13 Year Old Basketball Prodigy Is Better Than You

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What were you doing at 13? Were you throwing down monster dunks? Because this kid is.

From the YouTube description:
“Wendell Moore is an amazingly talented 6’4 prospect from the Class of 2019. At only 13 years old he is ranked among the best players in the country. Wendell will graduate high school at 17 years old and he’s been tearing up the AAU scene for years now with his CP3 teammates (formerly Carolina Preps). Moore has been part of a CP3 team that has won three straight AAU National Championships. He has already received letters from North Carolina and Duke. Despite many of his counterparts in the Class of 2019 being at least a year older than him, Wendell is still considered to be a Top 5 prospect in the class with potential to be the #1 player in the country when things are all said and done.”

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This Compilation Of The NBA’s Best Rituals Will Get You Psyched

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The music in this video is pretty lame but it’s still enough to make me wish it was basketball season again. Of course this being from the NBA there’s way more Lebron stuff in here than anyone else. I’d love to see an NBA all-time rituals mix, because some rituals are so bad they’re…well bad, but at least entertaining:


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Reggie Miller Picks Larry Bird Over Lebron

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Reggie Miller was recently asked on the Dan Patrick Show if he’d pick Larry Bird in his prime or Lebron James in his prime. Our man reggie picked the Bird-man over the flopper…I mean the King, whatever you want to call him. I might be biased here because I am a “Lebron hater” but that doesn’t mean I’m agreeing with Reggie just because of that. Let’s check the stats:

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Credit to @bostonceltics4ever for the pic

Larry Bird’s ahead on almost evert stat (although not by much), and that’s when the league was much more physical and not as flop-a-licious as it is today. Again, full disclosure, I do hate Lebron James. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s one of the best to play the game, but I’m agreeing with Reggie on this one. What do you guys think, do you agree with Reggie or think Lebron is a better overall player than Bird?