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Bill Burr Talked About Caitlyn Jenner On Conan

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Anytime Bill Burr is on Conan you stop what you’re doing and watch. He’s the best late night guest since Norm Macdonald. Last night he was on Conan and talked about all sorts of things from alcoholics being weak, to sinking cruise ships to get rid of some of the population, to Caitlyn Jenner. He was hilarious as usual. Also last night Conan gave his producer Jordan Schlansky a bachelor party.

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Will Ferrell On Conan…With A Bird

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Will Ferrell was on Conan last night to do some last minute promotion for ‘Get Hard’ (which currently has a 32% rating on rotten tomatoes) while wearing a bird on his shoulders. It’s all around pretty damn funny.
“There’s no reason to bring Professor Feathers into any sort of conversation”

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Broadway, Tequila Shots, And a Drunk Horse

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I think legend Christopher Plummer just became my new personal hero. He was on Conan last night and told him that the secret to a long life is “hard drinking”. If that’s not awesome enough he then tells the story of when he and Jason Robards brought a cops horse into a bar and got it drunk…yes you read that right.

Cheers to you Mr. Plummer

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Sandler Tells Good Michael Keaton Story On Conan

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Adam Sandler was on Conan last night and told an awesome story about the SNL cast taking Michael Keaton out to dinner where the always awesome Keaton dropped the “I’m Batman” line so he could pay the bill. Keaton seems like a really nice, likable guy. He definitely deserved to win the Oscar for his role in Birdman. Sandler also told Conan about Chris Farley’s eating habbits.

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Conan In Cuba

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Last night Conan aired his trip to Cuba. While there he learned to dance, sing, speak spanish, and went to a rum factory. It was all around hilarious, Conan is always at his best during his remote segments. If you didn’t get a chance to see it last night then do so immediately.

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Norman Reedus Would Totally Make Daryl Dixon Gay

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Last night Norman Reedus was on Conan to discuss The Walking Dead, duh. There have been rumors flying around for a while now that his character Daryl Dixon was gay. The character of Daryl is not in the comic books, so they can pretty much do anything they want with him. I personally think it would be awesome if the most badass redneck hillbilly with a crossbow turned out to be gay, mostly because you know it would just completely piss off some close-minded viewers, and that would be hilarious.