100 Movie Dance Scenes Synched To “Uptown Funk” Because Why Not

It’s Sunday and you have nothing better to do than to be hungover and watch football. Also you can checkout this mashup of dance scenes from 100 different movies synced up to “Uptown Funk”. I had almost forgotten this song existed, Ugh.

Dancing In Public: 90s Style!

This dude got some radical 1990s gear and a boombox and rocked some vintage 90s dance moves around Philadelphia. This video got me so hyped I went and dusted off some old CDs and made a 90s mix and danced my ass off in my living room. I didn’t the full windbreaker getup but I did have a sick Denver Nuggets Dikembe Mutombo jersey.

Did That Umpire Really Just Do That?

Yup, he just dropped a “Dougie” dance on a strike 3 call. Kind of an asshole move if you ask me. If I were up at bat I swing that thing back into his stupid dancing umpire face.

This 97 Year Old Grandmother Dancing Is Adorable

There’s been so many good dancing videos recently, like the Cuban Pete kid, to the dad breaking it down at a concert, to the cop dancing with neighborhood kids, to the old lady dancing to a street beat boxer. It seems like everyone just wants to dance! Now we have this 97 year old grandmother dancing and it’s awesome. Keep doing your thing granny!

Watch This Dad Own The Dance Floor At A Concert

The spin moves are making me dizzy! This guy is rocking out with style to spare. And did he just bust out the robot? Hell yea he did. You wish you have dance moves like this, I know I do. For the love of God there needs to be a dance off between this guy and this kid! Or maybe this is that kid’s dad!!! Mind blown!

102 Year Old Woman Sees Herself Dancing For The First Time

This, surprisingly coherent, 102 your old woman used to be a dancer in the 1930s, but she had never seen video of herself before. Until people found old footage of her and WOW! This lady was smoking hot back in the day! It’s also very cute to see her reaction to watching the footage. Now excuse me while I go hug my Grandma.

Asshole Runs Over Gang Of Street Dancers

The douche driving the car just fucking hates dancing. If you hate dancing this much then India is probably not the place for you since every goddamn Bollywood movie has 20 dance sequences. The video description says he was drunk and got his ass beat after the incident. It also says no one was seriously hurt.