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Douchebag iPhone Theif Caught On Dash Cam

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One thing that truly pisses me off is people stealing other people’s s**t. This woman was crossing the street and (stupidly) texting when this douchebag passes her on his bike and steals her phone out of her hands. I hope she eventually catches him and hands down some epic Audition style justice.

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Police Chase Ends With Flying Kick Through The Window

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*Skip to 1 minute in for the epic kick.

…and yes it’s from Russia. The entire video is worth a watch but the craziness gets cranked up to 11 when after the van gets stuck a police office comes flying out of nowhere with a kick to the window shattering it. That’s fucking impressive. Note to self: don’t get into a car chase in Russia.

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Dude Passes Out While Driving

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No this is just frightening. I’ll let the youtube description explain:
“Previously unknown medical condition caused a crash on 4/2/2015. I have never passed out in 26 years, but suddenly passed out.”

Now can someone explain why the dash cam is behind his fucking head?

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Road Rage Kung Fu

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People think it’s a stereotype that all asian people know some form of martial arts. Well I’m sorry but this video just proves it. Some simple road rage turns into a flying kick and parkour.

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Camaro Causes Huge Car Wreck

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Skip to 2:15 for the wreck

This is fucking horrifying. The Camaro tries to merge like an asshole into the pickup truck which the pickup truck doesn’t like and subsequently boxes the Camaro in (I’d probably do the same thing, I’m kind of a dick like that). The Camaro continues to tailgate him and then tries to pass on the shoulder which ruins the day of everyone involved.