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Fail Army: Best Fails Of The Week November Week 2

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What’s up everybody! It’s been a long time and we apologize for the lack of posting these last few weeks. We’ve had some technical issues (as in someone fucked our site up), but don’t worry, we’re coming back. Until we’re fully able to fix our shit you’ll notice that OfficeTan.com redirects you to the “Funny” category, so for now (until we fully fix the site) that’s where all the new posts will be going so don’t worry you won’t miss a thing, and I’ll be posting on a regular basis again. I thought the best way to come back is to post everyone’s favorite: The Best Fails Of The Week!

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This BBC Reporter Gets The FHRITP At The Worst Possible Time

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This poor BBC reporter was doing a segment on sexual harassment and even mentions women getting yelled at in the street when, at the worst possible timing, she gets the FHRITP.

From the YouTube description:
“A BBC TV reporter was harassed in the street while filming a report about street harassment.
Sarah Teale was filming outside a conference on the subject in Nottingham when a man directed a sexual comment towards her.
The East Midlands Today reporter said she was “genuinely shocked” by what the man said.
She said: “It’s not banter, it’s not funny and no-one should have to put up with it.”
In the clip, Teale can be heard explaining: “An online study showed that a shocking 95% of people said they had been harassed, jeered at, or had obscenities shouted at them in the street and a large proportion said they’d also been groped or grabbed inappropriately in public.”
Then, as a comment is made, she can be seen pointing ahead and saying: “Yeah, like that.”

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Christopher Columbus Of Brooklyn

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I’m posting this video because of the “Thank you white guy” comment which is hilarious. This dude got run into (his claim) by a stroller and went ape s**t and making things super uncomfortable…and funny for us, the internet viewers. Thank you white guy.