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Kid Gets Knocked Out In Slow Motion

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Technology these days is incredible. Everyone carries around these amazing phones than can shoot 60fps. Of course this technology is wasted on morons who shoot every fucking video vertically. There needs to be an internet video etiquette class taken by every person who gets a phone before they’re allowed to film anything.

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Couldn’t agree more, Chakib.

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Walmart Brawl Escalates So Fast

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This is an epic Walmart brawl (side not: I love how “Walmart brawl” is not a term). It starts with a tug of war between a cop, a woman on the ground, and some dude. It escalates fast when a woman is violently thrown to the ground by the dude. Then a bigger tug of war starts and another dude gets tazed so hard his shoe comes off! And the rain just adds to all the drama. Also there’s a beautiful rainbow!! If only this wasn’t a vertically filmed video…it was almost perfect *sheds tear

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Hilariously Bad Fight At Golf Club

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Is this the most embarrassing fight of all time? If not it’s right up there. Blue shirt dude says some gems like “Stop! God, what the hell is your problem!?” to “Stooooooop you little shit!” while red shirt dude slowly rolls him around on the greens. Next time I go golfing I’ll have to keep my head on a swivel if gangster shit like this is going down.

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Fight Erupts At Poker Table

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This is the second fight video I’ve posted in a row where no one yelled out “World Star!”, which is a step in the right direction. I’m actually really impressed how the smaller dude pretty much owned the “steroid user” in this fight.

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Karma: Bully Gets What’s Coming To Him

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*Fight starts at the 1:30 mark but I’d watch the while thing for the buildup

So this punk was trying to start shit with this dude who was just trying to walk away. The punk was very persistent and got what was coning to him. Damn that guy struck so fast, he’s a like a cobra! My favorite part was how nonchalant the teacher was “breaking up” the fight. Side note: I think both of them should have knocked the camera guy for filming vertically

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Bench Clearing Royals/White Sox Brawl

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There are some unwritten rules in baseball etiquette, such as not throwing the bat after a home run or not walking over the pitchers mound. All the players know them, and if you break a rule you’re bound to start a fight. One of those rules is, apparently, to not be an asshole when you thrown someone out at first. That’s what happened here when the Royals pitcher took his sweet time tossing throwing the batter out and all hell breaks lose.

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Get him Austin, Get Him!

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It’s hard out there in the streets! Here we have a showdown of EPIC proportions! I almost thought I was watching the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. Let’s recap shall we:
1. Blue shirt kid takes a break in the middle of the “fight” to text his mom.
2. These little white kids drop the N-bomb 6 times…which is 6 times too many.
3. “I’m not pussying”
4. All of the flailing reminds me of this:

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Detroit Tigers Fan Fight

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Vertical filming…ugh.

You know a fan brawl will be pretty good when it opens up with a woman screaming, “Smack that bitch!” I saw a couple sucker punches and a woman at 25 seconds in deciding to lightly tap someone on the back of the head. Baseball is back!

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Brutal School Fight With KO

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This fight didn’t end well for the red hoodie wearing dude. It’s really shitty to keep punching a guy once he’s been knocked out, tsk-tsk grey shirt guy. But on the bright side these guys decided to be men and fight with fists instead of guns…soooo there’s that I guess.

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Dude Misses Sucker Punch, Gets Ass Kicked

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I’m exactly sure what’s going on here. But here’s what I can deduce from the (vertically filmed) video.
1. Dude in the suit jumped on the sweats wearing guy’s car.
2. Sweats wearing guy wants suit wearing guy to pay for damages
3. Suit dude doesn’t want to.
4. Sweats guy misses..MISSES a sucker punch on suit dude.
5. Suit dude beats the shit out of sweats guy.
6. Sweats guy still wants money for damages, except this time the damage was to his pride.

Not one person obnoxiously screams “World Star”, which almost makes up for the video being filmed vertically.

…seriously, how do you miss a sucker punch?

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Spring Break: “Come At Me Bro” Ends In A Face Plant

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Oh to be young again. These Spring Break videos get better and better. This particular incident took place in Port Aransas, Texas which I didn’t even know was a spring break destination. This dude (dressed to the nines with pink tank top, necklace, dope shades and velcro sandals) bravely tells this crowd of people to “come at him” while backing up and running around to his friends pickup truck. Now of course he falls out of the back of truck, then gets trip by another brave individual who immediately runs away as well. I guess what I’m saying is if you want to act like a tough douchebag with no consequences then go to Port Aransas Texas, because apparently everyone loves to run away.