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Insane Fight At Chuck E. Cheese

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I have so many questions about this video but my first one has to be why the hell is this woman just in her bra at Chuck E. Cheese!? How does that even happen? And who fights in a Chuck E. Cheese? On a side note, shout out to this guy for not filming vertically:
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You’re the real hero in all of this.

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Bully Gets What’s Coming

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I haven’t posted a fight video in a while so here we go. This bully decides to just let lose a flurry of punches on this other dude’s head while he’s chilling in his chair. Then karma steps in and the bully gets knocked the f**k out. I’ve never heard so many “Dayums” at one time before.

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Dude Knocks Out Drunk Dude Who Points A Gun At Him

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*Jump to the 2:30 mark to see the knockout

Apparently the dude that gets knocked out pulled a gun on our dude in the pickup truck. So pickup truck dude goes to his house to confront him and call the cops. Things escalate to a brutal KO, although the guy eventually gets back to keep yelling at him, minus 1 shoe. Also this video gets a gold star for not filming vertically!!!

I like that this is what this YouTube user took away from the video:
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WTF: Fight Ends Abruptly When Everyone Gets Run Over

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Well that came out of nowhere. Not only are is this video not shot vertically, but there’s two angles of it! I’ll let the video description fill you in:

A fight breaks out at Lincoln Park in East Saint Louis which resolves to Tasers being brought out and cars being used as a weapon approximately five people was hit by the car at one time.

Holy s**t, all those women were thrown like bowling pins! That looked extremely painful.

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Cop Challenges Suspect To Fist Fight

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The description says this took place in New York City and the plain clothes cops stopped this man and asked for idea but didn’t tell him why he was being stopped. The man in the red shirt was rightfully pissed off and tries to walk away. That’s when the cop starts throwing punches. Something tells me he’s not supposed to do that.