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Watch This High School Janitor Do Awesome Football Trick Shots

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Check out Adam “Chainsaw” Lenon’s story in this GoPro commercial. Fired from his engineering job he decided to make ends meet by working at the high school as a janitor. He’d wake up every morning at 4:30am for work and would spend some time every day practicing kicking footballs. Turns out he got pretty good at it! On a side note I spent time working as a janitor when I was younger and I actually liked it. I got exercise, got to work outside when the lawn needed mowing, being a janitor is not a bad thing at all.

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New England Crowd Chants “Where Is Roger!” During Last Night’s Game

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Last night was (finally) the first game of the NFL season and featured the New England Patriots beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 28-21. Some of the highlights of the game included 3 touchdowns for Gronkowski, Brady throwing 4 touchdowns, headset issues (btw the headsets are distributed and controlled by the NFL, not the teams, so Mike Tomlin can shut his stupid f**king sore looser mouth, damn crybaby), and the highlight of them all was the entire crowd at Gillette Stadium chanting “Where is Roger!” Of course they’re referring to Commissioner Roger Goodell who decided not to show up after getting his ass handed to him in court over the whole deflated balls crap. I have to say that it was probably the smart move considering he might not make it out of New England alive at this point.


How does this joker still have a job?

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Two High School Football Players Took A Ref Out From Behind After A Bad Call

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I don’t know much about high school football but I can safely assume that taking out ref from behind for revenge on a bad call makes these two football players f**king douchebags. I’m the first one at a game to hate on the refs, tell them their doing a s**tty job and whatnot, but this way too much. This was during a San Antonio John Jay high school vs Marble Falls game on September 4th and I don’t think these guys will be playing any more football for a while, way to go s**theads.

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10 Year Old Girl Stumps NFL Stars

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This little girl asked some NFL players (Andrew Luck, Antonio Brown, Clay Matthews, DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant, Kam Chancellor, Odell Beckham Jr, Patrick Peterson) some pretty simple questions which is cute and all. Then she busts out the big guns and drops some serious questions on them which totally stumps them.