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Jimmy Fallon’s #WorstSummerJob

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Jimmy Fallon has a regular bit where he asks people to hashtag whatever the topic is. This time it’s #Worstsummerjob. It’s a genius bit because the show doesn’t have to actually write any jokes! They just let the viewers do that for them. Also it’s usually pretty damn funny.

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Jimmy Fallon Talks His Horrific Finger Injury

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So Jimmy Fallon has been off the air for two weeks and now we know why. He tripped in his kitchen and got a “ring avulsion” which is when the ring on your finger rips your finger off. That sounds disgusting and there’s also a big chance you’ll lose the finger. Well Jimmy didn’t lose his finger and he’s back on the air so here he is talking about the procedure.

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Game Of Thrones Rap

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If you’re not caught up on Game of Thrones you’re a dummy. Just a big stupid dummy! Sorry for the harsh language but you must watch this show. It’s been a while since season 4 ended so here’s The Roots’ singing a Game of Thrones Rap to get you caught up.

Side note, I was asked to update adobe halfway through writing this post. So this pictures seems relevant:

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Danny DeVito Took His Troll Foot To Fallon

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Danny DeVito is just plain bonkers. I’m starting to think his character Frank on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is just a watered down version of himself. Last night he was on The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon and took a patented “troll foot” picture with Fallon which you can see below. He seems like a total nut, and I love that about him! Keep doing you Danny, keep doing you.