Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweets’ Is Back And This Time It’s Live

Jimmy Kimmel this entire week is going to be doing a Live version of mean tweets and that is awesome. He started last night with Jeff Bridges (the Dude abides), Kristen Bell, and Benedict Cumberbatch. I have to say that the “Her vagina is probably an Alcatraz for penis” line is f**king great.

People Don’t Know Who’s Running For President

Jimmy Kimmely went out on the street (Hollywood Blvd, which isn’t really a street it’s more like a disease-filled cesspool of touristy depression) and asked people who’s running for president out of the 3 choices. Turns out nobody knows because there’s 1,000 candidates right now.

Jimmy Kimmel Confronted Some Guy With The LA DWP Water Conservation Unit

I happen to live in Los Angeles where this crazy drought is going on right now. I’m pretty good with water conservation, I don’t have sprinklers (or a lawn) and I never wash my car, which is really nice that it gives the kids in the neighborhood a chance to draw lots of dicks in the dirt on my car (but that only happens every single damn day! F**king kids). True story, the last time it actually rained here I saw my neighbor out in his driveway, in the rain, hosing down his bicycle…I’m serious, that actually f**king happened.
Anyway, in this but Kimmel went out with the DWP water conservation unit to catch water-wasters in the act!

Miley Cyrus In Disguise Interviews People Who Hate Her

Jimmy Kimmel dressed Miley Cyrus in disguise and had her interview random people asking about them what they thought of Miley. Of course most people don’t like her (I honestly don’t know anyone that does) so it’s pretty funny. This post was mostly an excuse to show you this gif:

giphy (1)

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids What Adultery Is

From the YouTube description:
Infamous cheating website Ashley Madison was hacked recently. If the information of its users gets released, millions of marriages could be at stake. That would be hardest on the kids because they’re too young to understand this sort of thing. Case in point, we went out on the street and asked kids to explain what adultery is in our latest edition of #KidsExplain.

NBA Player Read Mean Tweets

The first game of the NBA finals was last night and Golden State won in a thrilling OT victory. So let’s celebrate (if you’re a Warriors fan) or take your mind off the loss (if you’re a Cavs fan) by watching Jimmy Kimmel’s best segment “Mean Tweets”. I think Draymond Green’s is my favorite.