Last Night Von Miller Pulled A Hingle McCringleberry

Last night during the (surprisingly) awesome Thursday Night Football game between the Broncos and the Chiefs, Broncos linebacker Von Miller busted out a legendary celebration dance (thrust). If it seems familiar it’s because Hingle McCringleberry kept getting flags for the same dance.

Key & Peele: The Last Skits

Key and Peele is officially over which is sad. But at least we got some great sketches from them. Here are the last of them.

Hold Me Back:

These Nuts:

Ray Parker Jr. Theme Songs

Airplane Continental:

Some previous Key & Peele skits:


Bagels Are For Sales Associates

MC Mom

Outkast Reunion

Job Interview

Undercover Boss

Gremlins 2 Brainstorm


Rap Album Confessions

Lightning In A Bottle

Sexting Scandal

Awkward Conversation

A Cappella



Menstruation Orientation

Prepared for Terries