Joe Rogan’s Face After Ronda Rousey Got KO’d Is Hilarious

As we all know by now Ronda Rousey got knocked the F out by Holly Holm. But this new video from the front row showing Joe Rogan’s expression is f**king priceless!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.37.28 AM

Yup, that was pretty much everyone’s expression after that brutal knock out.

This Is One Brutal Rugby Hit

That was Loni Uhila smashing into Craig Clare (I have no idea who either of them are) who was then taken off the field and didn’t return. I wish Americans watched rugby more. Maybe if ESPN didn’t show f**king poker, little league baseball or spelling bees they’d have more time for actual sports like this.

Heckler Gets Taken Out With Vicious Kick By Standup Comedian

The other day I posted a video of famous standup comedians giving shit back to hecklers, but I with this video I think we have a new champion. This heckler named “Rad Zone” is apparently well known in Las Vegas for being an asshole heckler. So after a couple warnings he got to close to a comedian and got an epic kick to the stomach/chest area not unlike the movie 300.


Bully Gets What’s Coming

I haven’t posted a fight video in a while so here we go. This bully decides to just let lose a flurry of punches on this other dude’s head while he’s chilling in his chair. Then karma steps in and the bully gets knocked the f**k out. I’ve never heard so many “Dayums” at one time before.