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This Wall-E/The Martian Mashup Trailer Is Pretty Clever

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The first two trailer for Matt Damon’s new space movie The Martian (here & here) look really good and showed that Damon really likes getting stranded out in space (Interstellar anyone). Wall-E was an awesome movie, like most Pixar movies, and this mashup is a perfect blend of the two as Wall-E stands in for Damon. Also, I can’t post anything with Matt Damon and not included this:


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Hannibal Gets The “FRIENDS” Treatment

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WARNING: Spoilers!

Hannibal was one of my favorite shows maybe of all time and last Saturday was the series finale. So I’m already going through some Hannibal withdrawals which means I’ll watch anything Hannibal related like this Friends/Hannibal mashup. Keep in mind there are some spoilers for the show.

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Daft Punk + Star Wars = Darth Punk

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Basically the only reason I’m posting this is because the helmets are rad as f**k! The Daft Punk style Boba Fett & Darth Vader helmets are seriously on point. The production value is good too, despite the fact that the song/direction of the video has nothing to do with Star Wars. Also, did Darth Vader get a little chubby:
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I’m being too hard on it, it’s definitely a good video.