This Bear Should Have Mauled This Woman

I respect human life and all but this woman should have been mauled by this bear. You’re in the wilderness you idiot. There’s going to be bears there. Don’t f**king pepper spray into the air, just accept you’re on their turf, go inside, cut your losses. F**king your stupid kayak.

…yes I’m hungover this morning, I might be a little salty but I have no time for these morons.

Awesome Drone Footage Shows Grey Whales Interacting With Boat

I’ve been on a few whale watches in my life and I can tell you from experience they’re boring as all hell. You sit on a boat with 200 other seasick people to maybe catch a glimpse of a whale’s tail 500 yards away. Now this video is opposite of that, these people got lucky as all hell and the grey whales came right up to the boat.

Stupid Girl Jumps Into Crocodile Enclosure

File this under really f**king stupid. This girl decided to jump into a crocodile enclosure which, as it turns out, is a really bad idea. She runs strait up to the crocodile taunting it. Of course it snaps at her and she almost loses her foot while stumbling backwards. Luckily for her it didn’t attack a second time or there would be one less dumb person on the planet.