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Stephen Curry Is Shooting Lights Out

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If you’ve been following the NBA at all so far this year you’ll have noticed two things:

1. Lebron is still flopping.
2. Stephen Curry is still amazing.

Seriously this dude has had four 40+ point games this year so far and his defense is even better than last year. This highlight reel is from last night’s game against the Timberwolves (who had the worst record in the league last year) who actually made it a respectable game (until Curry checked back in and lit them up). Curry ended up with 46 points.

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Stephen Colbert Took On Stephen Curry Last Night

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Last night Colbert took on Curry in a Stephen VS Stephen shootout (with dirty laundry) to find out who should be the number 1 search result on google. This whole “Stephen VS Stephen” title reminded me of the classic “Even Stephen” segment on The Daily Show so for no reason at all here’s that because it was some of the best TV ever:

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This Compilation Of The NBA’s Best Rituals Will Get You Psyched

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The music in this video is pretty lame but it’s still enough to make me wish it was basketball season again. Of course this being from the NBA there’s way more Lebron stuff in here than anyone else. I’d love to see an NBA all-time rituals mix, because some rituals are so bad they’re…well bad, but at least entertaining:


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Reggie Miller Picks Larry Bird Over Lebron

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Reggie Miller was recently asked on the Dan Patrick Show if he’d pick Larry Bird in his prime or Lebron James in his prime. Our man reggie picked the Bird-man over the flopper…I mean the King, whatever you want to call him. I might be biased here because I am a “Lebron hater” but that doesn’t mean I’m agreeing with Reggie just because of that. Let’s check the stats:

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Credit to @bostonceltics4ever for the pic

Larry Bird’s ahead on almost evert stat (although not by much), and that’s when the league was much more physical and not as flop-a-licious as it is today. Again, full disclosure, I do hate Lebron James. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s one of the best to play the game, but I’m agreeing with Reggie on this one. What do you guys think, do you agree with Reggie or think Lebron is a better overall player than Bird?

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Watch This Mavericks Fan Lose His Mind Over DeAndre Jordan

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If you’re unaware of what this nutbag is talking about a quick recap is DeAndre Jordan made a verbal agreement with the Dallas Mavericks to leave the LA Clippers (possible over their new terrible logo) and sign with them. Well yesterday he must have decided it’s better to live in LA than in Dallas because he changed his mind. It’s a pretty big f**k you to Dallas and owner Mark Cuban. Here’s an exlusive look at DeAndre’s reacting watching this kid’s rant video:

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Jason Williams Son Will Cross You Up & Break Your Ankles

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Jason Williams (a.k.a White Chocolate) was one of my favorite players when he was balling for the Kings. I loved his no f**ks given attitude and his passing skills were second to none. Well apparently his 13 year old son can ball (also looks just like his dad). This post is mostly an excuse to watch some old J. Will highlights while I find his jersey in my closet.

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This Is What Happens When A Tall Dude Pretends To Get Drafted By The Jazz

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So this freakishly tall internet blogger went to the NBA draft pretending to be a player and the results are amazing! He gets on the floor of the draft, everyone wants selfies with him, gets free drinks, and the women…oh the women. The women are thirsty out there for some young, about to be rich dude and just start ripping their clothes off and making out with him! Oh what a life it must be.

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Klay Thompson Takes Shot At Lebron In Post Game Press Conference

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After game 5 Lebron James called himself the best player in the world. It’s the kind of egomaniacal statement that made me write why I dislike him so much. So last night after the Warriors beat the Cavs in game 6 Klay had a little fun with Lebron’s statement. Even though Lebron James had a historically good finals appearance and Klay Thompson was pretty much trash this series it’s still pretty funny. On a side note, let’s see if Jordan would call himself the best player in the world: