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New England Crowd Chants “Where Is Roger!” During Last Night’s Game

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Last night was (finally) the first game of the NFL season and featured the New England Patriots beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 28-21. Some of the highlights of the game included 3 touchdowns for Gronkowski, Brady throwing 4 touchdowns, headset issues (btw the headsets are distributed and controlled by the NFL, not the teams, so Mike Tomlin can shut his stupid f**king sore looser mouth, damn crybaby), and the highlight of them all was the entire crowd at Gillette Stadium chanting “Where is Roger!” Of course they’re referring to Commissioner Roger Goodell who decided not to show up after getting his ass handed to him in court over the whole deflated balls crap. I have to say that it was probably the smart move considering he might not make it out of New England alive at this point.


How does this joker still have a job?

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Funny Deflategate Rap

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Whether or not you like the Patriots you have to admit this rap by Akrobatik is sick. This (hopefully) will be my last ever post on “deflategate” because we’re all sick and tired of hearing it by now. Every time I turn on ESPN and hear “breaking news” on this ball pressure bulls**t I have the same reaction:

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Watch The Deadliest Catch Dudes Hear About The Super Bowl

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Deadliest Catch finally will air the episode when the crew heard the ending to the Super Bowl. We all remember it, Russell Wilson was intercepted by Malcom Butler on the 1 yard line when they clearly should have let Beast Mode run the ball in. I was rooting for the Patriots so this clip makes me happy all over again. Although these guys don’t take the news so well.

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Gronk Wants To Party With You On A Cruise Ship

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Show me someone who doesn’t want to party with Gronk, and I’ll show you a liar. From the YouTube descripion:

It’s time to PARTY, it’s time to ROCK, but more importantly, it’s time to get GRONK’D! Rob Gronkowski and his family want you to grab your sunnies, your swimsuits, your babes and your bros for one hell of a shindig sailing down the coast. It’s time to go big or go home ’cause we’re throwing a 3-day party sailing from Miami to the Bahamas with 2,500 of his most hype’d up fans, favorite bands, DJs, and comedians!


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Star Pats

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Full disclosure, I’m a huge Pats fan. So maybe the new Star Wars trailer cut up with Patriots footage is more interesting to me than someone who isn’t a fan. But having Tom Brady as the sister is hilarious! Way to go Julian Edelman who posted this on his youtube page.

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Boston Snow Jumping Compilation

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I love everything about this video. Maybe because I’m from New England. Maybe it’s because I love watching people hurt themselves jumping out of their windows. Or maybe because since I now live in California I’m just jealous and want to do this myself.