PRANK: Dudes Use Selfie Stick To Take Upskirt Photos To Get Reactions

What would you do if you saw some guys taking upskirt shots of an innocent girl and then bragging about it? Well just about every one of these people didn’t do s**t. These are the same pranksters that gave us the “skirt caught in her panties” prank.

Dude Thinks He’s Getting An Apple Watch, Gets Pregnancy Test Instead

What would you do if you thought your girlfriend was giving you an Apple Watch for your birthday but when you open it up you find out that it’s a pregnancy test!? It’s a ballsy move by this woman but apparently she knows her man because he took it in stride and seems like he really wants a baby. Either that or he’s crying because he reeeeeally wants an Apple Watch.

This Is What Happens When A Tall Dude Pretends To Get Drafted By The Jazz

So this freakishly tall internet blogger went to the NBA draft pretending to be a player and the results are amazing! He gets on the floor of the draft, everyone wants selfies with him, gets free drinks, and the women…oh the women. The women are thirsty out there for some young, about to be rich dude and just start ripping their clothes off and making out with him! Oh what a life it must be.

Chris Pratt Pranked With Dinosaurs

Some Polish dudes prank Chris Pratt (not really a prank, they just scared the shit out of him) with fake dinosaurs, and he was cool about it because Chris Pratt is the coolest dude ever. Side note: why did they censor the subtitles if they don’t censor the audio? Just seems a little weird to me.

“I’m Pregnant” Prank Backfires

So there’s a whole lot going on here. First she sets up a hidden camera to prank her boyfriend saying she’s pregnant, then it turns out the dude is sterile and he accuses her of cheating, and it doesn’t end there. There’s a lot of twists and turns in this video. A lot of ins, a lot of outs. I’m actually calling fake on this one, what do you think?