10 Year Old Girl Stumps NFL Stars

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This little girl asked some NFL players (Andrew Luck, Antonio Brown, Clay Matthews, DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant, Kam Chancellor, Odell Beckham Jr, Patrick Peterson) some pretty simple questions which is cute and all. Then she busts out the big guns and drops some serious questions on them which totally stumps them.

The “Duck Army” Video Keeps Getting Better

This morning I posted the “Duck Army” video of tons of rubber ducks all screaming in unison. Here it is again:

It’s damn hilarious. But one thing that makes it even better is the Duck Army screaming in reverse:

Hilarious right!? Now someone took it one step further:

The internet is an amazing place.

Dude Catches 8.5 Foot Catfish

Skip to the 3:40 to watch the catch.

I rarely go into the ocean, there’s just too much s**t in there trying to kill you. Now I can’t even go into fresh water because there’s 8.5 foot long catfish in there just wanting to eat people alive! OK, so maybe they’re not dangerous at all to people but that’s still a frighteningly large catfish.

Drunk Driver Goes All “Monster Truck” On Two Cop Cars To Get Away

It looks like this drunk dude’s truck is safely pinned between two police cars. But as the cops are (stupidly) hitting his truck with their batons he puts that s**t in gear and smashes both cars before driving away. Also f**k the kid that gets in the way to yell “world star”.

This Crazy Woman Pulls McDonald’s Employee Through Drive Through Window By Her Hair

I haven’t posted a good fight video in a while and this one is a shorty but a goody. This woman goes McBatshit crazy and pulls this McDonald’s employee out of the drive through window by her hair which shatters her window. What the hell are they puting in those McDonald’s fries?

It’s Will Smith VS The NFL In The Trailer For “Concussion”

In the new trailer for Concussion Will Smith goes after the NFL for hiding concussion and brain trauma findings caused be playing football. It opens in December of this year. On a totally separate note I can’t wait for football season to start!

Donald Trump Has A Weird Obsession With China

I still think that Donald Trump’s presidential run is a totally fake or at least press for a new reality show. Maybe Ashton Kutcher will jump out from behind the podium one of these days to tell us we’ve all gotten punk’d. Either way it’s a fun ride with this nut case running.