Fail Army: Ode To Germany

Here’s Fail Army’s Ode to Germany fail video!

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The New Trailer For “The Revenant” Is Better Than Most Movies

Wow, just wow. I try not to get too excited from amazing trailers because more often than not the actual movie is a letdown but the first two trailers for The Revenant look absolutely incredible (watch the first one here). Watching this second trailer was a better experience than watching most movies.

This BBC Reporter Gets The FHRITP At The Worst Possible Time

This poor BBC reporter was doing a segment on sexual harassment and even mentions women getting yelled at in the street when, at the worst possible timing, she gets the FHRITP.

From the YouTube description:
“A BBC TV reporter was harassed in the street while filming a report about street harassment.
Sarah Teale was filming outside a conference on the subject in Nottingham when a man directed a sexual comment towards her.
The East Midlands Today reporter said she was “genuinely shocked” by what the man said.
She said: “It’s not banter, it’s not funny and no-one should have to put up with it.”
In the clip, Teale can be heard explaining: “An online study showed that a shocking 95% of people said they had been harassed, jeered at, or had obscenities shouted at them in the street and a large proportion said they’d also been groped or grabbed inappropriately in public.”
Then, as a comment is made, she can be seen pointing ahead and saying: “Yeah, like that.”

Check Out This Hour Long John Wick “Making Of” Video

John Wick was an awesome movie, it’s basically just Keanu Reeves going on a rampage. But the fight choreography was amazing and I love the fact that they didn’t f**k it up with shaky-cam style filming. So here’s an hour long (yes, an hour long) making of video and it’s cool to see how devoted Keanu Reeves is to making an awesome action movie.

Last Week Tonight: Migrants & Refugees

Last night on Last Week Tonight John Oliver talked about migrants and refugees.

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This Sign Language Video Is Perfectly Turned Into A Music Video About Dicks

Remember Mickey Avalon’s song “My Dick”? Well if you do then you’re in luck because someone took the song and edited a sign language instructional video to it and it’s glorious! Here’s the original video and I think we can all agree that the sign language version is soooooooo much better!

Fail Army: Best Fails Of September 2015

It’s a little late but here’s some Fails!

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