Funny Deflategate Rap

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Whether or not you like the Patriots you have to admit this rap by Akrobatik is sick. This (hopefully) will be my last ever post on “deflategate” because we’re all sick and tired of hearing it by now. Every time I turn on ESPN and hear “breaking news” on this ball pressure bulls**t I have the same reaction:

Dizzy Wright ‘False Reality’ Official Video

Dizzy Wright’s FALSE REALITY: A hip-hop video exploring the effects of hip-hop videos through the making of a video-within-a-video. Two parallel stories play out as Dizzy describes the ills and tragic misconceptions of his chosen industry.

Today’s youth are more impressionable than ever to the images that permeate nearly every aspect of their lives, making it all the more important to shine light on the false realities of the culture surrounding them.

Terrible DJ Thinks He’s Amazing

Someone needs to tell this DJ that he’s making the worst beats ever made. Like how is there any way he doesn’t know? Maybe it’s some sort of Andy Kaufman-like social experiment? Either way I definitely didn’t see that mic kick at the :48 second mark. I love how the crowd has no idea what to make of this lunatic.


Drake Performed Diss Track “Back To Back” Live With Memes Behind Him

If you’ve been living under a rock lately let me explain the Drake/Meek Mill beef.

1. Meek Mill called out Drake on twitter claiming he doesn’t write his own songs.
2. Drake dropped two amazing diss tracks on Meek Mill.
3. Meek Mill took a few days and released his response diss track which everyone agrees is terrible.
4. Drake won.

So now beef over right? Not according to Drake who performed his Meek Mill diss track “Back to Back” at the OVO festival with Meek Mill memes playing behind him. That’s some dirty stuff there Drake. This is how I feel about Meek Mill right now:

Lil Dicky’s 10 Best Music Videos

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.42.12 PM

Lil Dicky has been blowing up as of late and it’s about damn time. He’s been one of our favorite rappers here at Office Tan for years now and we’re psyched that he’s finally getting some of the recognition he truly deserves. He has a pretty large back catalogue of music videos to chose from so I’m going to pick my 10 favorite Lil Dicky videos but before we get to that here are some honorable mentions:

Lion King
The Cypher
All K

Now on to my top 10 Lil Dicky music videos:

10. Professional Rapp (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

I’m starting off the list with Professional Rapper Feat. Snoop Dogg. It’s such a dope song and the only reason it isn’t higher is because it just came out. In time it will probably rise on my list. I’m psyched that Snoop is taking an interest in Lil Dicky.

9. Jewish Flow

Any video that has Hitler losing in a rap battle gets a thumbs up in my book.

8. Sports

This song isn’t one of his catchiest but the sports references are off the chart. Mark Lil Dicky down as the best sports reference maker in rap.

7. The ’90s

This one for me is more for the nostalgia it brings back. All this shit is so on point and the hook is super catchy, it gets stuck in my head all day. And not to brag but I also had some sick game on AIM.

6. Lemme Freak

The only reason this video isn’t higher on this list is only because the ending is super depressing for some reason.

5. Classic Male Pregame

I can’t even count how many times this has happened to me and my crew. I’m glad we’re not the only ones who can’t get their shit together to go out.

4. Too High

I mean we’ve all been there right. This one might hit a little too close to home for some. Also the hook is catchy as hell.

3. White Crime

With White Crime Lil Dicky just showed the world what a gangster he really is.

2. Staying In

If I hear this song on a Friday night there aint no way I’m going out to the bars or clubs. Staying in is just way more relaxing and fun, I’m just glad someone finally made a song about it.

1. White Dude

White Dude is the first Lil Dicky video I’d ever seen and I was immediately hooked. What really stood out was not only the fact that he’s making good social commentary and mixing that with hilarious jokes, but he’s doing it with some of the sickest flow. This White Dude can rap.

Do you agree with the order of my top 10 list? Cheers to you Lil Dicky, keep turning out the amazing work. Can’t wait to see where you go from here!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.05.58 PM

Rapper “Earl Sweatshirt” Knocks Out Fan

How many videos are we going to see like this where some jackass runs on stage only to get his ass beat by either the security or the musician himself.

Watch This Dad Own The Dance Floor At A Concert

The spin moves are making me dizzy! This guy is rocking out with style to spare. And did he just bust out the robot? Hell yea he did. You wish you have dance moves like this, I know I do. For the love of God there needs to be a dance off between this guy and this kid! Or maybe this is that kid’s dad!!! Mind blown!

Roger Waters-The Wall (Full Theatrical Trailer)

I’m so excited to see this movie. I was lucky enough to see Roger Waters when he was on his Dark Side of the Moon Tour around 2007 or so. Still to this day I have not seen a better live performance. I still get goosebumps just thinking about what I saw that night. After the Dark Side Tour Roger Waters put on an even bigger production playing The Wall in it’s entirety for the first time since they performed it in front of the Berlin Wall in 1990 commemorating it’s collapse eight months earlier. I’m still kicking myself for not going to one of these shows when they were touring but I’m glad I get to at least see this.

Will Arnett Lip Syncing “Everything Is Awesome”

Despite The Lego Movie being one long commercial for Legos it was actual a great movie and was hilarious. Will Arnett played Batman in the movie so here he is lip syncing the hit song “Everything Is Awesome”. Also Alison Brie Lip Syncs “Bang Bang” and she’s super hot and also a great actor and also hilarious.

Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 8.23.43 AM