A Bunch Of French Hooligans Destroy Nice Restaurant

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I’m not sure what the point of this is. Just a bunch of a**holes destroying a restaurant after, I’m assuming, is a soccer game.

This woman doesn’t even know what the f**k’s about the happen:
Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.32.06 AM

This poor old lady just wanted some tea:
Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.33.21 AM

And this dude got the “I’m going to have to clean all this s**t up” look on his face:
Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.33.06 AM

This FIFA ’16 Glitch Gets The Party Started

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I love video game glitches more than the actual video games like this awesome Madden glitch, and this super creepy The Witcher glitch. This comes from FIFA ’16 and it turns the goalie into a Bollywood dancer. The icing on the cake though comes at the end when the goalie has danced his way off the screen and the dude misses the completely empty net.

NBA’s Gerald Green Can Jump Really High

A video posted by Gerald Green (@g.green14) on

This is Gerald Green (currently plays guard for the Miami Heat) getting his head above the rim with what looks like absolutely no effort at all. If you remember he won the dunk contest in 2007:

Screw it, let’s just watch some in game dunk highlights while we’re at it (I desperately want basketball to start…)

Sliding Barefoot Down A Rocky Waterfall Is Dangerous (Awesome)

This guy is crazy, and coordinated, to want to slide barefoot down this rocky waterfall in Brazil. The end is a little sketchy to me though, how close did he land to that rock the kid is standing on!? Well we never see him come up from the water so maybe a little too close…

High School Football Player Rips Helmet Off Opposing Player & Hits Him With It

This was just slightly illegal. This a**hole high school football player rips his opponents helmet off and smacks him across the face with it. The dude who got hit in the face took it all is stride, just throwing his hands up showing he didn’t do s**t. I’m sure someone out there will find a way to blame the Patriots and Bill Belichick for this.

This Guy’s “Wave” At A Baseball Game Is The Stuff Of Legends

What do you think when you see a wave coming at you when you’re at a sporting event? Do you think, “Oh cool, I get to be a part of something big”, or “Nah, I’m going to sit this one out”, or are you like this guy who thought, “F**k this s**t! F**k your wave and everything it represents!”

Watch This High School Janitor Do Awesome Football Trick Shots

Check out Adam “Chainsaw” Lenon’s story in this GoPro commercial. Fired from his engineering job he decided to make ends meet by working at the high school as a janitor. He’d wake up every morning at 4:30am for work and would spend some time every day practicing kicking footballs. Turns out he got pretty good at it! On a side note I spent time working as a janitor when I was younger and I actually liked it. I got exercise, got to work outside when the lawn needed mowing, being a janitor is not a bad thing at all.

Coolest Hockey Goalie Ever Chugs Beer Mid-Game

This hockey goalie just became a legend by taking a beer handed to him by fans and chugging it during a game!…and then was promptly ejected from the game. From the YouTube description:

“Jake Anderson, a member of the Chi Phi fraternity at the University of Virginia, and the starting goalie for the UVA hockey team was ejected from the game last night after chugging a Keystone Light tossed onto the ice.”

Of course it was a keystone light. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a frat dude.


This College Football Punter Flops Harder Than Lebron James

That was Chapman University punter William James flopping like a soccer player or Lebron James (take your pick) during the 1st quarter against the Linfield College Wildcats. Initially there was a flag thrown for roughing the punter but after celebrating like a jackass they picked up the flag. To add insult to (fake) injury Chapman would end up losing 52-14.

Insane Downhill Mountain Biking GoPro Video

This is a trail I wouldn’t be caught dead on because if I tried it I’d end up dead.

From the YouTube description:
Last year’s Red Bull Hardline MTB track was one of the most demanding ever seen, pushing the sport of downhill mountain biking to the limit. Huge rock gardens, giant slab rolls, tight wood sections, technical natural features and the now infamous road gap created a track to push downhill racing to the next level.

This year, Dan Atherton set about raising the bar once again. Here we see Dan’s brother and former World Champion, Gee Atherton, testing the track for the first time, giving us a glimpse of what the riders will experience this weekend.

New England Crowd Chants “Where Is Roger!” During Last Night’s Game

Last night was (finally) the first game of the NFL season and featured the New England Patriots beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 28-21. Some of the highlights of the game included 3 touchdowns for Gronkowski, Brady throwing 4 touchdowns, headset issues (btw the headsets are distributed and controlled by the NFL, not the teams, so Mike Tomlin can shut his stupid f**king sore looser mouth, damn crybaby), and the highlight of them all was the entire crowd at Gillette Stadium chanting “Where is Roger!” Of course they’re referring to Commissioner Roger Goodell who decided not to show up after getting his ass handed to him in court over the whole deflated balls crap. I have to say that it was probably the smart move considering he might not make it out of New England alive at this point.


How does this joker still have a job?