Kevin Spacey Reveals Who He’s Talking To On House Of Cards

I actually just started binge watching House of Cards (I know I’m late to the game), and the show is amazing! But I’ve been wondering like everyones else, “Who the f**k is Underwood talking to?” Well Kevin Spacey was on Colbert last night and finally revealed who he’s been talking to this entire time, and it makes so much sense!

Donald Trump Is Winning Because Of His Hat According To Colbert

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is officially up and running with its 3rd episode airing last night. It’s…ok, not bad, but not great either. Colbert seems almost a little uncomfortable not being in character. I expect he’ss get a little more comfortable being himself out there the show will just get better. His best segments are when he’s sitting behind his desk talking politics (he’s had some practice with that) such as the first episode’s Donald Trump/Oreo segment, and last night’s Donald Trump hat segment.

Stephen Colbert’s Funniest Daily Show Moment

Late Show With Stephen Colbert premiers tonight and I couldn’t be more excited! I was going to post some funny moments from The Colbert Report but decided instead to post his funniest moment when he was a correspondent on The Daily Show.

All The Time Colbert Broke During The Colbert Report

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premieres on September 8th so let’s take a look at all the times Colbert broke character and cracked up hosting The Colbert Report.

Stephen Colbert Begs Neil deGrasse Tyson To Make Pluto A Planet Again

In this clip Stephen Colbert talks about the Pluto pictures from the New Horizons spacecraft, and he’s joined by science rockstar Neil deGrasse Tyson. You should watch the entire thing because they’re both awesome. And if you have an hour I highly recommend watching this video of Colbert interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson:

Stephen Colbert Hosts Public Access Show In Michigan For Some Reason

Stephen Colbert dropped by the city of Monroe, MI to host a public access talk show called Only In Monroe. Colbert is hilarious as usual and actually got Eminem to stop by for an interview. So for all of us who have been missing Stephen since the Report ended we at least get this 40 minutes of Colbert awesomeness.

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“Ooo, daddy’s water burns a little bit.”